Mechanical Engineering

For many years, I've been able to understand systems and designs as an assembly of mathematical and geometrical elements printed on an imaginary blueprint in my mind, which allows for easy recognition of a potential defect as well as straightforward solution to a design's problem statement. I've commonly used ropes and strings to strengthen systems to which I've invented successful knots and fastening techniques.
California Polytechnic State University
Cal Poly is located in the Northeast limits of the city of San Luis Obispo in a Central California coastal setting offering year-round clear weather and warm temperatures. It is surrounded by several peaks and vast meadows open to the public for recreational activities. The ten-mile distance to the Pacific coast is close enough for a weekend splash, yet far enough to maintain good visibility most mornings (i.e. no coastal fog banks). As an example, the following image on the right is a westward view of the campus from a nearby hill. The ocean is almost visible in the far distance.
I am currently studying mechanical engineering (ME). Recently, I have been contemplating adding a second major in software engineering to facilitate the creation of digital projects. I enjoy working together with other devoted students on every subject the ME major has to offer, and the resources available on campus to aid in tasks is plentiful. Examples of projects include a machined screwdriver, an pressurized air-powered engine, a laptop repair manual, a "Rube Goldberg" machine, and a trash compactor; as well as several concepts designed in SolidWorks.
Bellevue College
Two years after graduating from Bellevue College with an Associate's Degree in Arts and Sciences, I am back for a quarter in continuing education taking a course in C# programming. I've previously worked in the distant past with G-code, C++ (in command line only), HTML, and a couple other basic programming languages for calculators and robotics, but none of the programs were particularly useful for anyone other than myself. I hope to change that from my current studies in C#.